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Two Cranes Institute provides educational programs for children, teens and adults that promote nonviolence and cultivate peaceful solutions to conflict. Our objective is to help build resilient communities by providing strategies for compassionate leadership and empowerment within the Puget Sound community and beyond. We focus on schools, community organizations and at-risk groups, and we serve as a resource for training and educational materials that promote healthy living awareness, cultivate interpersonal skills of conflict resolutions and catalyze efforts to accelerate positive change in our society.



Two Cranes Institute leverages the reflective and martial principles of Aikido to instill compassion and diffuse conflict. We are a nonprofit organization offering educational programs for children, teens and adults.

After School ProgramTCI brings Aikido to youth through arrangements with existing after-school programs on their school premises. These classes introduce Aikido principles of self-awareness, attention, respect, choice and conflict resolution through basic physical and social (games) practices of Aikido.

Leadership Education ProgramTCI provides leadership education programs for emerging leaders or those in transition to improve their management skills, develop the emotional intelligence to handle complex situations and the ability to resolve conflicts, build trust, facilitate effective teamwork and negotiate sustainable agreements.

Aikido for Mental Health ProfessionalsThis program focuses on using the principles of Aikido as effective tools in treating individuals with mental and emotional health problems. It is designed to enhance the existing training and expertise of mental health professionals, equipping them with modalities complementary to whatever specific practices they might employ. These tools can be applied in hospital settings treating veterans suffering from PTSD, in the prison environment encouraging violence reduction techniques and with children and adults who have experienced abuse and are not responding to cognitive and behavioral therapeutic approaches.

Teacher Training ProgramThis program will teach a range of skills emphasizing conflict resolution, personal safety, teaching Aikido technique and philosophy for the purpose of sharing with children, teens and adults.  TCI includes a study of energy awareness, taking charge of the space around us, boundary setting, de-escalating conflict, leadership skills and staying calm and making skillful choices when problems arise.


Two Cranes Institute

8512 20th Avenue NE

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Kimberly Richardson, Executive Director

Sara Gerhart Snell, Youth Program Director

Jen Stoakes, Aikido for Mental Health Professionals

Susan Adams, Leadership Education Program

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Two Cranes Institute is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization. Contributions to TCI are tax deductible to the extent of the law.

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